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Do You Need Help?

“Do I really need help? Is it as bad as I feel ? Am I just going crazy? Is it me?

Shall I just call and see what they say? Who is the best one to ring? What if someone finds out? Decisions, decisions!”

I’ve been where you are now, accessing counselling whether it’s your first time or not is a difficult step to make for some people….

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I had a black dog his name was depression…

Counselling Services


After having seen a few counsellors in the past I had become quite cynical about the process of counselling and whether it was ever really that much help, but when I met Karen a year or so ago was at a stage where I was at serious risk of falling apart due to issues around gender and self-esteem. 

I have seen her on a bi-monthly basis since then and it’s difficult to understate how much help she has been in addressing the issues in my life that caused me so much trouble.  Karen’s accepting and personable nature stands out in enabling me to speak about things that have laid hidden for many years.  She is also able to challenge me on my assumptions with such finesse that I don’t even realise she has until later.  I usually leave the sessions feeling physically more relaxed from just the discussion and others have noted the changes in my mental state.

I would recommend Karen if you are looking for a counsellor, particularly so for issues related to gender. ANON November 2017

Anon, Confidential Testimonial

I spent many years seeing only the negative, worrying about situations and struggling to deal with what life had thrown at me – family relationships or lack of and the breakdown of a 10 year relationship with my childhood sweetheart.

As someone that has a great deal of control in her life, at home and at work it slowly started to dawn on me that I had no control emotionally. It was this realisation that was the toughest part of my story.

I needed to talk to someone who knows nothing about my life, someone with no attachment at all… that led me to counselling (for the first time) which in turn led me to Karen. With a huge amount of courage that took weeks to find, I took one step at a time whilst leaving myself in a position to walk away if at any point I wanted to.

First, contact Karen, a massive deal but I told myself it’s a simple email. Secondly, meet Karen purely to say hello and see what she was like. I left having not committed myself to anything but Karen was so welcoming, so thoughtful and so gentle I had to try one session with her.

I saw Karen for as many sessions as it took, and i will be eternally grateful to her for giving me the tools and ability to calm down, create some head space and ultimately find myself again.

The techniques Karen taught me I use when I need to no matter where I am, they are quick and discreet so no situation can get the better of me anymore. She helped me to see my worth which meant I could start making decisions based only on my thoughts and feelings instead of second guessing what others thought I should and would decide on.

Thanks to Karen I have the confidence to grip life with both hands and deal with what may be around the corner without getting stressed and panicked. Six months ago a casual meeting with a room full of directors would have terrified me, I’m not qualified like they are. Two weeks ago I walked in to that room to find it mostly full of suited men wearing black or blue who I’d never met before – i was wearing a striking orange suit jacket and a great pair of heals, I simply introduced myself and started to talk… Karen played a huge part in making that happen.

If there is anything I regret its not meeting Karen sooner, she is wonderful. I can be safe in the knowledge that if I ever needed her she is right there… no issue too big or too small, to Karen its as big to her as it is for you. ANON January 2018

Anon, Confidential Testimonial

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